The Instant Happiness Trick

The following is a simple 10-minute exercise that will turn your mood around, no matter what, every time!

We all want to be happy. This little trick is guaranteed to elevate your mood and teach you how to be happy anytime you need it.

Whenever you have doubts. Whenever you start to feel down. Use this simple method to tap into the happiness energy stream that runs through every living thing on Earth.

Here's How...

Since there is no 24/7 news channel dedicated to showcasing examples of all the good things happening worldwide, we have to be a bit more creative. Many would agree that there is an "energy" released when something awesome happens to us. That feeling you get when it happens to you is something you immediately want more of!

Some call the big, awesome things that happen to us in life a "peak experience." And the rush you get is very difficult to describe. But you know how it feels and it feels amazing. And you want more! Which is why it is unmistakable that something special just happened when it does.

Don't you wish you could harness the power to invoke that feeling whenever you need it? Instead of by accident? That's what I'm going to show you how to do now by tapping into a source of powerful energy that's been all around you since the day you were born.

This energy stream surges all over the planet, all the time. If you aren't having the best day of your life today or tomorrow or whenever, I recommend you tap into the "Happy Stream." It is an energy that is very real and you've personally felt it many times in your life. 

Do not mistake this method as anything less than the powerful tool it is. You really can raise your spirits every time you use it...

When I need a pick-me-up to get back on track, I think about any of a billion things that are happening in the world right now that I can tap into and grab some energy for myself. I know I don't need things to be happening to me personally all the time for me to tap into that happy energy that flows freely in large quantities all around me.

The trick is to think of things you know are very likely to REALLY be happening right now!

Follow the stream of thought it produces and you can't fail to feel the Happy Stream flowing again through you!

Example "Happy Train of Thought" to work into a 10-minute meditation...

Try this random happy stream and see how fast you get back on track the next time you need it.

Really try to FEEL the thing and spend a moment to focus on what it must be like for the person who is experiencing it ...

"Someone in this world, right now, just..."

  • Played their first concert
  • Got a puppy
  • Came home from serving their country
  • Went into remission
  • Finished a beautiful poem
  • Fell in love
  • Learned to dance
  • Got married
  • Had a baby
  • Got kissed by their child
  • Rode a horse on the beach
  • Played with 4 tiny kittens
  • Got engaged
  • Finished their book
  • Helped a homeless person
  • Fed their family
  • Took their first steps
  • Experienced their first kiss
  • Left for vacation
  • Hiked the Appalachian Trail
  • Saw the Sun set
  • Saw the Sun do the other thing
  • Watched trees swaying in the breeze
  • Saw a snowflake
  • Caught a fish
  • Watched fall leaves blowing on the ground
  • Had a major meditative breakthrough
  • Found an organ donor
  • Went into remission
  • Met their birth mother for the first time
  • Got their PhD
  • Learned to ride a bike
  • Finished their first solo flight
  • Won an award

In this world of 7+ billion people, all of the things above most certainly, actually happened in the time you read the list! There is no doubt about that. PLUS that list is a teeny tiny fraction of everything wonderful that happened to people all over the world in the time it took you to read it!

And every one of the things on the sample list above threw off POWERFUL energy.

You know the energy I'm talking about...

Think back to the last peak experience you had and how that happiness welled up from a powerful place deep inside you, exploding into a smile on your face, tears in your eyes, and all kinds of strong feelings in your heart. That's the energy I'm talking about.

And it doesn't have to be YOU who experiences anything directly. You just have to recognize that people are throwing off that energy like crazy when they are happy and you can tap into it even if they are on the other side of the Planet!

If you believe we truly are all one, all connected, then use that! It's not just a cute saying. There is very powerful energy flowing through an "organism" of such size and scope. It can be tapped. I know, I do it EVERY DAY!

Customize this exercise to make it more powerful for you...

Sit down and start writing a list of things you know for sure are happening to someone, somewhere in the world. And if you want to expand on this exercise, write lists about all the wonderful things you know are happening right now in nature, with any of the 30 million OTHER species living on Earth!

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