2019 Was The Year of The Vegan

By Jack Humphrey | Vegan Life

Dec 04

There is no doubt that the future, no matter what the meat industry says and no matter what die-hard meat eaters say, is plant-based.

It must be for our health. It must be for our spirit. And it absolutely must be for Spaceship Earth.

The only one fighting it at this point are people who have been taught they cannot live without meat and the industry that has taught them this belief.

Make no mistake, 2019 was a very, VERY good year for vegetarianism (the gateway) and for veganism (the solution to a vast number of critical problems facing our planet and our health.)

This video outlines the massive uptick for the vegan food industry, the celebrities and athletes taking center stage as vegans, and the inevitable and much needed decline in the meat and dairy industries.

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This issue is merely an awareness and education issue. The Impossible Whopper, among so many other excellent answers to death and deforestation, is 100% proof that we can go beyond meat. Indeed, millions already have. The rest of humanity is following suit. We have no choice. Luckily, vegan is a delicious alternative. We’re only gaining, not losing.


About the Author

Jack Humphrey is the founder of the Thrive Global Challenge. You can find out more and support the mission of spreading happiness, restoration, and balance in the world through meditation and the art and science of happiness by following Thriverly on Facebook.