Debunking The 5 Biggest Meditation Myths

By Jack Humphrey | Meditation

Aug 24

“Meditation has a huge image problem.” Light Watkins

Excuses: It’s too hard, can’t quiet the mind, can’t sit still, I don’t have the time.

Your meditation practice really can become instantly more enjoyable, make you more productive, and help you actually change the world. No joke. All the negative hype around meditation is absolutely bunk. Here, Light Watkins DEbunks all the misinformation around the most pure and easy practice you can do to become biologically younger than your years, be happy, and make the world awesome.

The 5 Big Myths Around Meditation

  1. I’m a bad meditator if I can’t quiet my mind – not true! It’s not about “quieting your mind.” There are meditative techniques where allowing and following your thoughts is the goal.
  2. There’s No Correct Way To Meditate – not true! There are best practices and none of them include sitting in lotus with your thumb and forefingers touching!
  3. I don’t have time to meditate. “There’s only one activity that will actually refund you back the time you spend doing it.” -Light Watkins (Guess what activity that might be.)
  4. Meditation Will Solve All Of My Problems. The hype around meditation is what is preventing more people from doing it. It sounds insanely hyped, and now, many people don’t believe it has ANY positive effects (or that they can do it right) because people claim it can wash your dishes and walk your dog. (Hilarity Alert: 11:45 starts a genuinely funny moment – watch for it!)
  5. Success in Meditation is Based on the Stillness of My Mind. Total bunk. Who even started this meme? It’s not true that you will fail at meditation if you cannot clear your mind.


About the Author

Jack Humphrey is the founder of the Thrive Global Challenge. You can find out more and support the mission of spreading happiness, restoration, and balance in the world through meditation and the art and science of happiness by following Thriverly on Facebook.