The Next Best Thing Is Now

By Jack Humphrey | The Mission

Oct 04

mindfulnessHave you noticed that the next best thing never comes? The next best thing in your life is like tomorrow. Tomorrow never gets here. It is always just a day beyond your fingertips. We always want more, bigger, shinier, funnier, faster, higher… and we spend our present thinking too much about the next thing.

The next best thing is right now. And now… and Now… and NOW! The best time to be alive is right now. That’s it. You’re dead in the past. And you don’t exist in the future. The only time you’ve ever been alive or ever will be alive is now.

Wishing we could move away from this moment is natural when we are low.  But “low” is required to have any understanding or appreciation for “high.” So in those moments where you are low, you are about to go higher. Even in low moods you can be happy knowing another “now” is coming every second of every day to change the low to high.

Right now is good enough…

This young monk is right on point. He has a big fan base on YouTube because he is so relatable yet directly connected to thousands of years of learning about who and what we are and can be.

Great topics in this video:

  • Mindfulness
  • Wanting more/nothing’s ever good enough
  • Gratitude and Generosity
  • Good enough vs. not enough
  • Human beings vs. Human doings


About the Author

Jack Humphrey is the founder of the Thrive Global Challenge. You can find out more and support the mission of spreading happiness, restoration, and balance in the world through meditation and the art and science of happiness by following Thriverly on Facebook.