About Thriverly and the Thrive Global Challenge

Could the solution to the world’s problems really be this simple?

Here’s what we know: Happy people make better choices and live better lives. They also make the world around them a better place. Thus, it is the mission of the Thrive Global Challenge to help millions of people (including YOU!) become and stay happy.
The idea is simple: Fear seemingly rules the day today. Almost everywhere you look on TV and the internet, fear feels like it is running rampant. And fear is obviously the sole cause of bad things like wars, pollution, greed, and corruption. So to re-balance and eliminate fear wherever we can, we can give millions of people back their hope, love, and happiness. And you and I will be really doing something that truly changes the world!
Vast numbers of studies have shown that when we are happy…

  1. We are better able to handle stress. (Study)
  2. We build stronger immune systems. (Study)
  3. We live longer. (Study)
  4. Our hearts are healthier. (Study)
  5. We’re even less sore and achy than non-happy people. (Study)

This is great news for you and me! But it gets more interesting  when you factor personal happiness into the way it changes the world for the better…

  • Happiness is viral. It spreads.
  • Happy people don’t pollute their source of life.
  • Happy people don’t start wars or cut each other off in traffic.
  • Happy people have a huge positive impact on the world around them.

If you are happy more often than not, I believe you’ll make the world around you a more caring, loving, stable place. And what I’ve discovered is it all starts with simple tools and techniques for everyday happiness. Nothing hard. The pursuit of Happiness is actually quite enjoyable. And the results are very powerful.
What You Get When You Support The Thrive Global Challenge…

I interview many of the world’s leading happiness experts on what it takes to get and stay happy and to spread it around the world. The science of personal and global happiness and fulfillment will be deeply explored to bring you the latest intel on how a happiness revolution will change you and the world. Your support makes this podcast possible. It takes time, preparation, editing, arranging, and tools that cost money to produce a well-done podcast of this nature.

“No problem can be solved with the same state of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein
Meditation is a major vehicle for change. Ask anyone who does it regularly and every time, every single person will tell you the same thing. By supporting this movement, you will get early access to a new kind of meditation that focuses on practical outcomes through beautiful, visceral stories. You are going to LOVE the short, powerful, imaginative meditations that I produce with your support.

I track everything. For 18 years I’ve moved close to 2.2 Billion people to my websites and my clients’ sites. I know how to track success, and I’m going to share every detail of our success here from how our Tribe grows to how it spreads across the globe! With the Patrons-only feed, everyone will be able to see and feel the effect we are having around the Globe!
Why is measurement important?
1) It shows exactly HOW and WHERE our collective efforts have an impact.
2) It reminds you that you belong to a Tribe of like-minded people. This helps because when you get that “all alone” feeling, you can come right back here and read the Patrons-only stream to remind yourself you’re part of something BIGGER than yourself.
WORKSHOPS, CHALLENGES, AND WEBCASTS: Specific “Thrival Challenges” for business and personal growth. Patrons will be invited to special events held to further the mission of peace and happiness for the purpose of self growth and a better world.
The Goal…
I want to make this the biggest and most popular Patreon page in history. We have a global mission to spread happiness through meditation and awesome content to all corners of the Globe.

We will be joining initiatives to bring meditation into schools and underprivileged communities with your support.

I am convinced, as I know you are, that if more people are happier more of the time, the world would change and fear would be kicked to the curb where it belongs. Imagine what millions of proactively happy, balanced people could do for the Planet! Join the movement and find out!

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