Zen Meditation – Change Your Mind, Change Your Life TEDx

By Jack Humphrey | Meditation

Aug 24

“The mind determines our experience of life.” Bodhin Kjolhede

We have a choice as to where we direct our attention. Where we pay attention will also determine our experience.


What we think of as reality is really our interpretation of it. The quality of our life is not determined by what we do, but what we are. How we use the mind.

Zen meditation can be done without the use of religious elements. This is true of all meditation that focuses on the outcome of learning to detach from thoughts.

Emotions are ok, but what we don’t have to do is cling to them. What will make you a more stable, competent person has to do with how your perspective changes through Zen meditation.


About the Author

Jack Humphrey is the founder of the Thrive Global Challenge. You can find out more and support the mission of spreading happiness, restoration, and balance in the world through meditation and the art and science of happiness by following Thriverly on Facebook.